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CE Credits Header

Continuing Education Credits

AST wants to facilitate your continuing education process. We have outlined some suggestions and steps below to help you navigate this process.

Credit Guidelines

Qualifying CE Credits Checklist

CE Credit Fees Apply Only to Commercial Providers

The vast majority of all CE credits processed by AST for CSTs for CSFAs are earned through one or more of the following. None of these are subject to a processing fee.

• AST Distance CE (journal tests or CE packages)

• Hospital Inservices

• Live lectures at AST state assemblies, national conference and others, such as ACS Congress

• College Courses

CE credit fees only apply to a very small percentage of credits earned through commercial providers due to the increased time and resources required to research and assess CE credits earned through those providers, particularly those CE credits offered by commercial businesses that contract with healthcare facilities.

Number of CE Credits
Processing Fee
* 1- 10

Members: See above for any additional fee for processing CE credits excluding AST tests.
Nonmembers: $400 processing fee (Includes one-year AST membership), plus any additional fees listed above.

Money orders, personal checks, institutional checks, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted. Checks payable to AST.
3 Ways to Submit Your CE Credits

Continuing Education Resources

AST has created the Continuing Education Policies for the CST and CSFA regarding the continuing education process for both credentials, which includes the required documentation for earning and submitting CEs to AST.


 Member Benefits

  • Member Discounts and Benefits

    It really does pay to be a member of AST. From discounts to CE tracking to scholarship opportunities, we've got you covered. You're also eligible for benefits and discounts including auto and home insurance, a special credit card where you can show your support for the organization and malpractice insurance.